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Thanks to a strong team of specialists, we successfully respond to customer demands, constantly expanding the product range.

LLC “Kuban Product Company” is a producer of vegetable oils, as well as a supplier of agricultural products. Branded products are produced at two production sites: in the city of Korenovsk and in the station. Giaginskaya. We process sunflower, other oilseeds and produce high quality vegetable oils.


Our mission is to use only natural and high-quality raw materials grown in environmentally friendly and favorable areas of the South of Russia.


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tons per day – sunflower processing volumes
tons per day – vegetable oil production volumes
10 lines
of vegetable oil packing, with capacity of 630 t/day
tons per day – soybean processing volumes
1200 t/month
fatty acid production volumes
cubic meters – elevator
15.300 т
oil-tank storage
2.000 т
floor storage of finished products
Convenient unloading areas for vehicles
Railway loading

1) Preparation of raw materials
Sunflower seeds arrive at the plant only after thorough examination and treatment. A seed kernel is peeled off, then ground, dried and roasted.

2) PRESSING and cleaning
The ground seeds are passed through a press to extract as much oil as possible. Sunflower oil and press cake are produced as a result of prepressing.

The press cake obtained in the course of processing is used in the agricultural sector as a high-protein concentrated feed for animals.

This stage is composed of several phases in order to purify oil from pesticides, mechanical, and other unintended impurities. All these phases extend the shelf life of sunflower oil while preserving its health benefits and making it clear.

5) Packing and transportation
Our plant is equipped with an automated sunflower oil filling line. We produce PET bottles, label our products and pack them in boxes in-house. Our own transport and railway logistic infrastructure allows us to deliver products to our customers within the shortest time possible.
We work with private labels as well. We can label bottles with your trademark.

Our in-house laboratory enables us to control quality at all production stages and provide the market with healthy and natural products.

We also pursue constant process improvement and introduce state-of-the-art approaches in terms of communication with customers. It is important for us that each customer feels comfortable when cooperating with us and making repeat purchasing.

All the parties concerned are invited to mutually beneficial cooperation!

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